Experienced and motivated

AID Coordination, Belgium

AID Coordination, for Integrated Actions of Development, is a private non-profit organisation that federates 30 socio-professional integration centers throughout French-speaking Belgium (Brussels and Wallonia).

AID network supports socio-professional integration of adults over 18 years, who are low-skilled or unskilled and far from employment. The network thus aims to be a response to situations of inequality, through concrete projects, for people living the realities of social, economic, political and cultural exclusion.

AID carries out 5 main missions for its members: political representation and external relations, information and communication, pedagogic engineering and animation, development support and support for administrative and financial management.

Each year, members of AID network host over 2100 trainees to whom they provide nearly one million training hours.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, Portugal

With more than five centuries of existence, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa is a private institution of public administrative utility that has guided its performance, in the community, by the defense of priceless social values, in a perspective of proximity, respect and advocacy for good causes.

Staff involved in this project have experience regarding the intervention with socially excluded adults and youth over 15 years, in the area of education and vocational training in the Center of Education, Training and Certification (CEFC).

CEFC aggregates a set of responses from education, training and certification. This Center has over 700 trainees each year, in diverse areas from basic literacy skills to secondary level, and covering several professional areas: carpentry, bakery, cooking, computer science, hairdresser, geriatrics, beauty care, nursery and kindergarten staff training.

EFAS, Spain

EFAS are centres for dual vocational training and secondary education. They were founded in 1967. Their aim is the improvement and promotion of rural areas through the training of people.

EFAS has more than 50 years of experience in Dual Vocational Training by applying an innovative didactic methodology based on the alternation of the educational times and spaces of vocational training students between school and business, based on the specific needs both of the students of secondary education and the different professional sectors and companies.

EFAS also promote other non-formal activities aimed at the personal and professional improvement of people in the rural environment and entrepreneurship: conferences, professional meetings, agreements, scholarships, etc.

CIFASA (Centre of Initiatives for Agricultural Training), as pertenr of Envol Project is the entity of 7 EFA vocational training centres in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid.

Scuola Centrale Formazione, Italy

Scuola Centrale Formazione is a National Association of training institutions and organizations. This network of 46 organisations manage about 100 vocational training centres, spread over 11 italian regions. Its members carry out more than 17 million training hours for nearly 27,000 young trainees with help of 2,300 people involved (1,420 trainers).

SCF promotes projects and research activities in partnership with national and international organizations.

SCF's operational objectives are to facilitate the sharing and exchange of experiences among its associates and at the European level, qualify trainers and operators of its network, experiment and promote pilot actions within identified areas of interest, offer services responding to the specific needs of the different target/users groups referring to its associates.